“Athvlya”, pronounced as the Sankrit world ‘athulya’ is a fine jewellery label.

It is blend of the Sanskrit word ‘athulya’ meaning incomparable and latin alphabets. It represents the integration of Indian heirloom concepts with modern jewellery designing and finish.

Each Athvlya piece is handcrafted by an experienced and trained artisan. Each stone used is selected personally and worked upon with fabulous artistry. Each piece has a unique character and tells its own story- they come with treasured memories- of your first love, your first child, anniversaries, the union of two souls, or sometimes just to make a loved one happy. Sometimes, it is even to make oneself happy!

The jewellery is created using a wide array of colour stones- Burmese and Mozambique rubies, Ceylon Sapphires, Colombian and Zambian emeralds as well as Tanzanites. Athvlya also creates pieces using Tourmaline, Opal, Pearls, Coral and Turquoise.
In diamonds, Athvlya too uses a wide collection- from the traditionally seen white diamonds to yellow, brown, grey and black diamonds.

By combining simplicity with elegance, employing uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and following a philosophy of the highest ethical standards, Athvlya’s unique style and finish has built a reputation of designing bespoke jewellery pieces for private clients in India as well as abroad.

Athvlya offers you a range of collection - From striking earrings, to cocktail rings. From classic wedding sets to day-wear pendants and earrings, from cufflinks to kurta buttons, and from simple bangles to bold bracelets.